Motherhood, wanderlust and everything about introversion

Follow me on my journey on dealing with life’s complexities.

You’re either born with a golden spoon, hardworking rags-to-riches dude or just lucky if travelling, dining or let me just say, spending is the least that you worry without thinking of how to fit your wanderlust calling versus your corporate schedule.

Destinations by sengonleave

My attempt to wander through the 81 Philippine provinces and, by chances and will of the universe, to travel the world is guided by: (1) looking ahead – research on annual holiday calendar, (2) be wary of lean and peak season at work, (3) top months with lower number of bills to pay and (4) lastly, do not interfere with my child’s school or our mommy-child bonding activities.

For an over-thinker and with a wandering mind, I let myself be vulnerable at times. Sometimes, occupying my thoughts with other things like this blog often takes me to wonderful memories and stories that I find somehow inspiring. I am getting tired of introversion so coping up with it, by this blog, somehow connects me with like-minded people across the universe.

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